harmony sweet music venue

All Ages Live Music Venue and Teen Hangout in New Braunfels, TX

Harmony Sweet has everything teens in the New Braunfels and San Antonio area are looking for. On any given Friday and Saturday night, you’ll find the sweetest DJ’s that spin dubstep, house, and hip-hop, to hardcore bands and acoustic singer songwriters. Aside from our stage and dance floor, we have a cool lounge area that people just like to come and be social in. This is a safe place for teens to come hangout for the night. $10 may be all you’ll spend for an awesome night out with your friends.

Harmony Sweet Dance Parties are absolutely off the chain. These dance parties usually go from 7pm till Midnight. There is a large dance floor, amazing lighting rig, huge sound system, and the best local DJ’s.

Bands play Harmony Sweet because the sound system and vibe are unmatched anywhere else. This live music venue has been supporting local musicians for the last 10 years. Several demos and EP’s have been recorded there because of how great the acoustics are. For a small fee, Kevin (co-owner of Harmony Sweet) will record and mix a band’s live show in his pro studio.